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Lacinda Benjamin

Lacinda earned her master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2020, while earning her MS, she was honored with the Lois Ginsberg Prize for Community Service in May 2020.


Her expertise in project management and structural support, earned over ten years, is informed by her previous experience as a business owner.

She has managed successful colloquia and organizational transitions, and directly supported

her employer’s swift transition to remote work at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the usage of strategic development and tailored project management, Lacinda is currently coordinating a year-long academic event focused on highlighting prominent contributions to neuroscience within her current organization.


Consultant, Lacinda 

Teri Tillman


Teri is a bold, creative Producer with a broad range of experience and interests developed over 15 years’ investment in the media and entertainment industries. 


She thrives in crucial, fast-paced roles and diverse creative settings. Her work has supported the production of Talk, Specialty, and Award TV shows, radio broadcasting networks, and live events.


Most recently, Teri organized Talent production and management at BET Networks, as well as producing live fundraising programs for WRTI-FM, a public radio station licensed by Temple University. She earned her Graduate Degree in Strategic Advertising and Marketing from Temple University in 2020, as well as a Digital Marketing Certificate in 2017.

Consultant, Teri 

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